Aero: the ideal complement to your CRM system

Enhancing the user experience and providing offline access to CRM data – this is the added value offered by eFrontech’s Aero.

Drawing on CRM implementation experience built up over the years, we have developed Aero, a mobile app connected to your existing CRM system that offers full offline access to CRM data and synchronises seamlessly with benchmark CRM solutions, while putting the emphasis on ergonomics and performance.


Intuitive design so the user can get up to speed quickly.


Network quality should not interfere with the user experience.


Access any CRM system from anywhere with a mobile device.


Manage network detection, connection and data synchronisation between the mobile device and the CRM system autonomously.

Specialist features to make sales teams more effective

360° view

Aero offers a 360-degree view of your customers/prospects and contacts.


A timeline of your interactions to optimise everyday management.

Sales visit report

The solution includes a report wizard to make sales visit report writing easier.

Sales guide

Overview of the stages of selling an opportunity in the form of a timeline.

Native features

Ability to interact with the device’s own features (call, e-mail, voice input, etc.)


Real-time notifications fed back from the CRM system.

Optimised user experience

Aero gives priority to the user experience, making it truly customer-centric. To achieve this, we adhere to the following basic principles:

Pages viewable on all screens (responsive web design): we have sought to streamline content and simplify the display while at the same time allowing access to more detailed information

Optimised operation of the device’s native features (camera, geolocation, phone, etc.)

Ergonomic, touchscreen-enabled design favouring smooth navigation

Clear indications to make navigating in the app easier and smoother

Ergonomically designed to limit keyboard entry and number of clicks

A unique combination of features unequalled in the market! With a single objective:



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