Designing your CRM app according to the expected ROI

Planning the acquisition of a new CRM solution involves answering certain business-oriented questions:

What additional value does my CRM tool bring to my sales team?

Do we have any sufficiently efficient commercial processes common to all our salespeople?

Where and with what levers can we increase our revenues and margins?

How can we improve our opportunity conversion rate?

Does our customer knowledge allow us to develop the business we do with them?

Do we consider our customers in their entirety, with a view to winning their loyalty, cross-selling and offering them long-term value, or as a collection of business opportunities?

How can we make adoption of this tool easier for its new users?

These are just some of the questions and issues that call for sound advice, to ensure you choose the right tool to guarantee the success of your project and achieve the expected ROI.

Similarly, thinking about the indicators that allow you to keep track of your project ROI from the specification stage helps you ask the right questions and ensure that the right choices are made when your solution is being set up. Issues include:

Customer data quality

Monitoring progression through the sales pipeline

Sales performance indicators

App connection rate

Sales performance increase

Once these KPIs have been defined, you can manage your activity and talk about your objectives to train your teams.

Drawing on experience built up over 17 years and its CRM and BI application implementation expertise, eFrontech is able to address all these requirements.

We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 which meets your CRM needs perfectly and effectively thanks to a suite of functional modules offering real added value.

Combine modules to maximise their effectiveness and transform your business.

Place your customer data at the centre of your CRM project

Drawing on our BI experience, we offer advice to help you exploit your customer data for the benefit of your business:

  • Making sure your project kicks off with high quality data (customer details, contacts, history, etc.)
  • Structuring the data to make it more efficient and relevant when your new CRM system is implemented, with real increased productivity objectives
  • Making the most of your data and managing your business effectively to maximise ROI

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