eFrontech provides you with personalised outsourced applications maintenance services (TMA).

As a decision maker or IT manager, you are aware that the success of a CRM or a Marketing APP, is evaluated by the daily use of the technology during a long-term period, and not on the first day of launching.

Managing the progression of your app, or assuring the support to the users require great competencies and knowledge of the app.

Thanks to eFrontech’s Service Centre, it can provide you with adaptable and personalised services according to your needs.

Personalised TMA Service to your context, technical and applied environment

20 years of experience on CRM and Marketing Support project for large companies

We have a team of skilled consultants with various technical background who are available in our HQ or at our clients’ premises.

TMA service

CRM Salesforce
CRM Dynamics
CRM Oracle (SIEBEL, OCOD, Sales Cloud)
Marketing Oracle
BI Dynamics / Power BI

Here at eFrontech, each app, each client deserves attention and specific answer,
we adapt our assistance approach to add more value


Engagement on a certain quantity of intervention day yearly, with special package according to major evolution.


Intervention from our service centre or in a mixed way (client site/eFrontech service centre)


Punctual interventions on technical or Professional expertise (AMOA, change management, training…)