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Smart Content is an Eloqua AppCloud Content Service designed by eFrontech. It allows marketers using Eloqua to create highly personalized email messages.

Do you need to communicate to your contacts about his abandoned shopping cart from your website? To remind a customer about all his expiring contracts? To group your data and transmit them by household? Or to insert a summary table in your emailing communications?

Discover Smart Content, an app which is available via Eloqua Email designer UI to meet your specific needs. Personalize your email, no more anonymous emails that end up in the trash…

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Integrated directly into Eloqua, Smart Content is easy to use, quick and intuitive.


Manage communication with your customers, independently and quickly.


Present to your customer data in the form of lists or tables. This way the customer can access his emails from a computer or a mobile phone.


See an improvement of your ROI by reducing your operational costs and creating value for your company through better content quality.

Business functionalities to optimize the quality of emailing communications

Centralize your data

Smart Content allows you to group together, in the form of lists or tables, several data belonging to the same customer or contact.

Select your data

Filter the data you need and only transmit the data you want.


The solution is perfectly suited to send summaries of abandoned shopping carts or contract lists.

A recognize satisfaction thanks to managed, personalized and targeted communication.

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