Discover Tableau, the innovative, flexible business intelligence solution

Tableau helps users to see and understand their data better. Recognised as industry leader by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Tableau enables you to quickly analyse and display data in decision trees, independent of size, format or subject.

From management dashboards to ad hoc report creation, using only a browser, a mobile device and a few clicks, Tableau enables you to share interactive analytics of data from sources of all types and sizes. And all in keeping with your data architecture and security protocols.

Enter the new era of decision-support solutions, the era of immediacy and agility, with the simplest, fastest and most flexible solution on the market.

Businesses’ customer relationship management requirements are evolving and Tableau is proving to be the most effective, adaptive solution to address many of our customers’ needs.

Adopt a predictive, forecast-based approach to managing your business:

  • Respond quickly based on live indicators
  • Sector-specific visual management
  • Access to a true 360° view of your customers
  • Benefit from a group approach to customer information, with sharing facility and aggregate or detail view, even if different CRM tools are used
  • Provide departments or subsidiaries of the same company with a group view of the relationship with a customer account, even with several CRM systems
  • Your company works with large companies that have several sites and you deal with several departments at each of these sites: you want to have an aggregate view of these accounts

You are having to adapt quickly to accommodate a change in legislation, the arrival of a competitor, the launch of a new product or an organisational change to make you more efficient, and you have to set up the tools to manage the change in a few days or weeks

Entrust your data and your requirements to us: you’ll be amazed at the quality of the data views and analytics produced in Tableau!

The Tableau BI team is certified and supports you throughout the process of setting up your BI project and ongoing use of the system.


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